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Writing a note to myself: Words of Wisdom & Love

Writing a note to myself: Words of Wisdom & Love


Dearest Nicola,

I am writing this note of wisdom and love to you, in hopes that you grow into this world, seeing that you feel you don’t fit in and are not a part of.

You live in a state of fear and not wanting to be seen as a deaf individual. I know there are people who tell you that “it is impossible to have it all” or “your expectations are so high.” I know you had to adapt and overcome challenges at a very young age, because you were mocked relentlessly by other children at school. I know some remarks by people who have insulted your intelligence as a deaf person in a hearing world, have hurt you deeply.

You rocked and continue to rock this box that locks you in from finding the courage to get out. I will help make your frustrations, depression, and anxiety go away. I realize that your life feels like a roller coaster of emotions, but I guarantee you that the toughest moments, that you have had, will make you the person you are and continue to become. No one can possibly, ever understand your deaf needs but you will be in a position to advocate and promote accessibility awareness.

Nicola, I want to tell you that you have so much potential than you ever expected you would have! You are a loyal friend and person and your family loves you unconditionally. You’re curiously and thirst for new knowledge will be an asset in the future.

Now, I want you to care less and stop worrying about what others think of you or believe that you cannot achieve what you desire from life! I want you to step out of your comfort zone and that box you feel trapped in. Start by writing a blog just for yourself. Talk about your life and work experiences; share your personal beliefs, your frustrations, your challenges, your hopes, and your inspirations with the world. You will not become a Deaf Activist but yet be a Deaf Advocacy and your biggest advocate is YOU! Advocacy Matters – Live with Power.

I want you to travel and explore different deaf communities in many countries around the world. I want you to do this as much as you possibly can so that you can bring back their stories and experiences to share with others. There are many mesmerizing and exciting people in this world, and believe me, you will learn a lot from them and them from you.  

Trust in God, Jesus and The Angels to guide you and be thankful for everything and everyone that have been given to you.


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The purpose of my website and social media is to promote my advocacy services, and to blog my stories, my challenges, my frustrations, hopes, inspirations, and so on. My dream is to increase deaf accessibility awareness, and to encourage change for a better world.

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  1. Loreta
    May 5, 2018 at 3:34 PM

    Beautifully said Nicola. You are beautiful in your own way…KEEP SHINING!😎…AMAZING WEBSITE.👍

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