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What an interesting Year 2017!

What an interesting Year 2017!


Dear 2017/2018,

I would like to thank you, 2017. You were an interesting year, and yet an incredibly challenging year that I’ve ever had, with no regrets at all!

2017 has taught me how to march forward with my life and encouraged me to stand up for my principles, morals, and integrity. An example: Never allow people to lower my expectations and “what I get is good enough”, because of my communication limitation.

2017 has encouraged me to do amazingly new things that I’ve never experienced, and has encouraged me to meet people that have advised me and supported me throughout my difficult and toughest journey this year. I will never forget these people I met, because they have impacted my life in one way or another. For this, I am extremely thankful!

2017, one of the most valuable lessons I learned is to stay calm in any situation or circumstance – I mean any type of situation or circumstance – because the universe will take care of the rest. It has lead me to happiness (or peace), and it has made me stronger and not to give up on anything.

New Year 2018, I am ready for new beginnings and challenges, and I welcome the adventures that lie ahead!

Love, Nick!

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