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‘Step Into My World’ wins the ‘Grand Jury Prize’ Award!

‘Step Into My World’ wins the ‘Grand Jury Prize’ Award!


My short-film documentary “Step Into My World” was selected by The Chang Film Festival 2019 and was publicly screened at the Jackman Hall – Art Gallery of Ontario on Friday, February 8th, 2019. I, Nicola Di Capua, Director of “Step Into My World,” had been nominated for the ‘Best Documentary Short’ award.

On Friday night, The Chang Film Festival 2019 announced the award winners to happy filmmakers. I won the ‘Grand Jury Prize’ Award!

It was an incredibly night for me! Not to mention it was surprisingly unexpected and I was super excited that my short-film documentary “Step Into My World” won its first film Award. I humbly thank Joanna Tsanis, The Chang Film Festival 2019 and its Voting Committee for this Award. 

It was a long process getting here. There were challenges and struggles that we encountered. But it could not have been achieved without passionate people, such as my cast and crew members, director of photography, and my film mentors. I sincerely am thankful for all of them. And I thank my immediate and extended family and friends who have shown me incredible support!

In addition my short-film documentary could not become whole without the support of the ASL interpreters, Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT), Ontario Arts Council, York University, and The Chang School of Continuing Education (Ryerson University).  

‘Step Into My World’ has become a success because of these amazing people who were committed to this short-film documentary. It has been a blessing, and I will be forever grateful of the choices I’ve made.

Thank you!

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