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Calgary – an Amazing Experience!

Calgary – an Amazing Experience!

Public Speaking

A week ago today, I was given a wonderful opportunity to present my accessibility advocacy presentation in a province outside of my own. I am still deeply humbled and honoured that University of Calgary gave me this opportunity.

Many thanks to the university and its staff for making me feel so welcome. And especially for ensuring that my presentation and lunch events were fully accessible for my communication needs. I truly appreciate this amazing experience and unforgettable day.

As well, I had an online interview with Ms. Valerie Pruegger, Director of Office of Diversity, Equity and Protected Disclosure at the University of Calgary. The interview article is about my film project and my advocacy presentation! Here is the site link below, to see my responses to her questions, which was published on the website of Utoday:

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The purpose of my website and social media is to promote my advocacy services, and to blog my stories, my challenges, my frustrations, hopes, inspirations, and so on. My dream is to increase deaf accessibility awareness, and to encourage change for a better world.

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