About Me

I’m Nicola Di Capua – The purpose of my website and social media is to promote my advocacy services, and to blog my stories, my challenges, my frustrations, hopes, inspirations, and so on. My dream is to increase deaf accessibility awareness, and to encourage change for a better world.

Hello! Welcome to my Website!

I am extremely excited to share my experiences with you and I thank you for giving me this opportunity. Let me briefly introduce myself: My birth name is Nicola Di Capua, but I am known as Nick and I live in the Greater Toronto Area (Canada).

I was born to hearing parents and a family within a hearing culture. At the age of three, I was diagnosed by doctors as being deaf, and was fitted with hearing aids shortly after. I was not able to ‘recognize’ sounds with the hearing aids, as they only came through muffled. Up until the age of 25, I had lost most of my hearing and the hearing aids didn’t give me enough power to hear anything at all. In addition, I kept hearing only high pitch sounds and at that point I decided to remove my hearing aids.

My life changed completely. I was totally in a world of silence. I do recall by memory certain sounds, for example, my dog Eva’s bark or the sound of footsteps. No matter how strange I may have heard them, I miss them very much. Obviously, I had and have no choice but to accept my circumstance of being deaf. A few years later I began to suffer with tinnitus and experienced insomnia without realizing why. It took me a while but as I grew older and experienced many situations, I was able to comprehend ‘the why’.

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